Terms & COnditions

Pandamonium World, its collection of Pandas, as well as any subsequent collection of any other animals, wearables, or collectibles, is a collection of digital artworks as well as decentralized software running on the Ethereum network. The artworks are presented and sold as NFTs. This website and its connected services are provided “as is” and “as available” without warranty of any kind.

By using this website you are accepting sole responsibility for any and all transactions involving Pandamonium World digital collectibles. In using this website, you agree to hold Pandamonium World, LLC harmless for any and all problems, errors, and failures no matter the cause or source of those errors and accept sole responsibility for all transactions. You acknowledge that Pandamonium World, LLC as no ability to influence, predict, or mitigate Ethereum network gas fees. You are responsible for the safety and management of your own private Ethereum wallet(s) and verifying or approving all transactions and contracts generated by the website or any third party marketplace before approval. Furthermore, as the Pandamonium World smart contract runs on the Ethereum network, there is no ability to undo, reverse, or restore any transactions.


Pandamonium World, LLC owns the Name, the Likeness, the Logo and all intellectual property rights therein. You (the cryptographically provable owner of each NFT) own the NFT. Upon purchase and cryptographic possession of the NFT, you own the NFT completely. Ownership is governed entirely by the smart contract and the Ethereum network.

Restrictions: You agree that you will not use the NFT, the Name, nor the Likeness in any connection with any media that depict hatred, intolerance, violence, cruelty, or anything that could reasonably be found to be hate speech or otherwise infringe upon the rights of others, discrimination against any protect class or specific individuals, death, weapons, pornography or any adult or sexually explicit imagery/services/activities, prostitution or dating/escort services, or political campaigns.

Personal & Commercial Use :

Subject to your acceptance and continued compliance with these Terms & Conditions, Pandaomonium World, LLC grants you a limited (only by the above restrictions) worldwide license to use, copy, and display your NFT for the following purposes: (1) for your own personal use; (2) as part of a third party marketplace that permits the purchase and sale of your NFT, provided the third party marketplace can cryptographically verify individually each owner of each NFT such that only the true owner can display their NFT.

Also subject to your acceptance and continued compliance with these Terms& Conditions, Pandamonium World, LLC grants you a limited (only by the above restrictions) worldwide license to use, copy, and display your NFT for the purpose of creating derivative works based on your NFT.

Your participation in the sale of the NFTs, as well as your use of the website, constitutes agreement and acceptance of these terms.