Focus on giving back

Pandamonium world was born from the idea that diversity is strength, collaboration amplifies success, and relatively small communities can make big contributions. There are so many creative, generous people in the crypto/NFT community- this is really the perfect place for a project focused on giving through creating. There are so many amazing people who are in need of help. For many, shockingly small amounts of money can be life changing.

With 30% of both the initial drop and royalties from sales going to charity, we have the opportunity to help a lot of people. In addition to donating to larger organizations, we also plan on giving to smaller groups, and even individuals. We know that there are talented people all over the world who just don’t have the platform or the resources to showcase their abilities. In addition to collaborating with more well known artists, we will be actively seeking out lesser known artists of all kinds to participate in future drops, events, etc.

Input from the community will be crucial going forward.
Do you know of a good cause in need of a little extra funding? Maybe a GoFundMe that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves, or a good friend who needs help? Do you know an amazing artist who hasn’t had luck getting their worked noticed? Maybe someone who just needs help turning their art into NFTs?