8,848 Adorable, Giving Pandas, forever enshrined on-Chain
as eRC-721 tokens - Metadata Hosted on iPFS
.06 per Mint - Limit 15 per Transaction
These 8,848 Pandas live in Pandamonium World where chaos is king, and anything is possible. Teeming with life, joy, and animals of all kinds, Pandamonium World is as cool as it is chaotic.
Not only are these the cutest, savviest pandas you've ever seen, but they are also incredibly giving Pandas. Uniquely generated from over 150 traits, these little Pandas are ready to hit the chain!

30% of the sale of the Genesis Pandas will be given to charity shortly after the sale. These charities have been pre-chosen and vetted, the donations will be on-chain, and you can read more about them below. The donation addresses are built into our contract. We have been in direct contact with leadership at The Giving Block and intend to use their services in the interest of transparency.

30% of royalties from secondary sales will also be used to help support worthy causes. 30% of secondary fees will be returned to holders. The remaining share of the fees will be used for ongoing development.
The first product we are most excited about is our tokenized, customization platform. Personalization is incredibly important to digital identity and is underrepresented in the current market.On our platform, creators will be able to produce, mint, and distribute their own custom accessories or outfits as individual NFTs. This is an important distinction to simple overlaying of additional art - after all, chain-verifiable ownership is why we’re all here! Users will be able to bring their existing NFTs and choose from selected accessories, outfits, hairstyles - anything that a creator can dream up! Panda ownership will be necessary to use the platform.
Giving back - to the Pandamonium community and to others in need - is a core tenant of Pandamonium World.

The Future

The Pandas' Take On 'Roadmaps'
Subsequent Drops
We are very excited about our plans
for breeding, and have lots of
surprises in store!

Ever wondered what a Panda
combined with a Lynx
would look like?
You will be able to breed
your Panda with the other
animals of Pandamonium World
to produce Hybrid offspring.
Panda traits,
and the rarity of those traits,
will impact
the traits of offspring.
The other animals of
Pandamonium World
are on their way! Future animals
will have new traits and can be
held on their own
or used for breeding.

Pandas are the most important pieces
of Pandamonium World -
the initial Panda drop is the only
way to get genesis Pandas.
Holding a Panda will
unlock access to
the most exclusive perks in
Pandamonium World, but future
animals will also come
with implicit utility.
Bamboo FUnd
Airdrops & More
Pandamonium World is a large,
multi-faceted project,
most of which is yet to be revealed.
Our goal is to develop a
wide-reaching community that brings
together all kinds of artists
and collectors, providing avenues to
generate income while also giving back.

We don’t want to give away too much,
but custom outfits/accessories,
commissions, metaverse integration and
collaborations with other projects
are a few of the things we are working on.

Merchandise incoming as well,
of course.
Special events
There are talented people all over
the world. Some of these
people don't have the platform
necessary to showcase their abilities.

We can help with that! We will be
actively seeking lesser known artists
to participate in special events,
gaining exclusive access to and for
Panda holders.

We will also host special and themed
drops/giveaways of which 100% of
secondary sales will go to causes
decided upon by the Panda

Challenges abound in
Pandamonium World. Soon after
the drop, we will announce our
first official challenge!

Stay tuned for more information on
challenge specifics.

The Bamboo Fund will receive consistent
deposits from secondary sales.
30% of royalties will be
directed to this fund. The Bamboo Fund
may also receive deposits in other ways.

All money in the Bamboo Fund will be
regularly returned to Panda holders.
This money will be intentionally
and transparently separated from
any funds spent on future development.
This is in addition to any challenge rewards,
airdrops, or other special events.

Each and every Panda plays a role in
Pandamonium World
and each one should be rewarded for that.

baby panda

A budding artist from a young age, Baby Panda is 9 years old and she loves animals (ESPECIALLY Pandas) and loves to draw. Some of you will be lucky enough to score traits that were drawn by her!


Kristiane has been a life long pandadvocate. In her youth, at the ripe age of 7, she was able to raise $1500 to save the pandas by hand-making and selling bracelets. She's ready to again use her art, her heart, and her creativity to give back.

TunapandA Institute

Tunapanda is a Swahili word meaning ‘we are growing’. They are a non-profit social enterprise that runs intensive 3-month technology, design, and business training courses in extreme low-income environments of East Africa such as Kibera (Nairobi informal settlement). Their mission is to create environments and experiences that train lifelong learners, earners, and problem-solvers. Their graduates and beneficiaries go on to become successful professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs — while engaging in creative self-expression that gives them and their communities a greater voice.

code to inspire

Code to Inspire empowers young women in developing countries to drive economic and social progress by teaching them how to code, find programming jobs, and launch technology ventures. Code to Inspire (CTI) was established in 2015 starting in Afghanistan as the first coding school for young women by Computer Science Professor and former refugee Fereshteh Forough. Supported by organizations and individuals committed to the advancement of women in technology, the nonprofit training program has taught 150 young women how to code, build mobile apps and games. Over 70% of graduates have found work, earning above-average wages in their country.

wolf conservation center

Founded by Hélène Grimaud in1999, the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit environmental education organization working to protect and preserve wolves in North America through science-based education, advocacy, and participation in the federal recovery and release programs for two critically endangered wolf species – the Mexican Gray Wolf and the Red Wolf .  The WCC's three 'ambassador wolves' reside on exhibit where they help teach the public about wolves and their vital role in the environment. Through wolves, the WCC teaches the broader message of conservation, ecological balance, and personal responsibility for improved human stewardship of our World.

1000 Dreams Fund

1,000 Dreams Fund exists to provide greater access to educational opportunities so that all young women, especially those in most need, may fully realize their potential. Their mission is to support dreams of talented young women in need by providing access to critical funding, resources and meaningful mentor relationships. They invest in the future of high school, college and graduate women in need to help them achieve their academic and career goals. They support young women from all backgrounds, races, and religions and believe in equity and opportunity for all. Finally, they believe in “paying it forward” to help young women achieve their goals and dreams.

jack of all trades - Master of None
Leaders of Impact
Wizard of the Chain

testing / advisory
cam sullivan
community mgmt / advisory